What is Kinesiology?

At times, we may feel trapped in repetitive cycles, grappling with unresolved emotions and lingering childhood traumas, uncertain of how to break free and instigate meaningful change in our lives. Kinesiology is a therapy that works with the unconcious mind and neural plasticity
in a unique and simple way that creates lifelong change.

Where you are at

A Kinesiology session begins with sharing where you are at, what’s going on in your life, what you need help with and where you may be feeling overwhelmed.

Where you want to go

We chat about where you would rather be, how you would prefer to feel and how you would like your life to look.

Tap into and clear core issues

You then lay fully clothed on a massage table and using your arm I use a technique called muscle monitoring that allows me to ask questions of your subconscious. Bypassing the brains conscious thoughts allows us to tap into core issues. Using this technique we can clear imbalances or blocks within a persons physical, emotional and spiritual being.

East Meets West

Coming from a background of nursing my practice is grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology and combines with the wisdom of both eastern and western medicine to deal with the issues that stop us from being who we want to be.

Kinesiology vs Coaching Kinesiology


Experience Relief with Kinesiology. Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed? Is it hard to move forward, to feel happy and relaxed?Anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, lack of motivation, procrastination, and relationship challenges may all be signs that your body is stuck in a fight or flight state, hindering your ability to move forward and thrive. Crisis Kinesiology offers a solution by addressing the root cause of these symptoms. By turning off the fight or flight response, this holistic approach enables your nervous system to relax, rewire, and return to a state of balance and functionality. Significant relief can often be achieved in just one or two sessions. Take the first step towards emotional well-being and reclaim control over your life with a Kinesiology.

Coaching/Intentional Kinesiology

Welcome to Coaching Kinesiology, where we we work together to recognize and break through the barriers holding you back in life, providing the accountability and support needed for immediate and lasting change. In our weekly sessions, complemented by daily messaging support, we rewire the nervous system and work on the physical, mental and spiritual level to bring joy, expansion and freedom from the past.
Together, we delve into your programming, beliefs, and relationships, shedding the weight of emotional baggage so you can embrace your most authentic self and confidently navigate the world. Coaching Kinesiology is versatile, addressing various aspects and stages of your life and energy systems. Typically conducted over 4-8 weeks, these sessions are a commitment to creating genuine, profound change in your life.

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